Meet Our Team

Jake Jenkins, Owner

Nearly 3 decades ago, in a small West Virginian hospital room, a wide-eyed dreamer by the name of Jake Jenkins was born into the world.

Jake calls the Eastern panhandle home where his entire family is a hop skip and a jump away (Momma’s boy). Anyone who knows Jake would tell you he is cut from a different cloth. His passion for life and consistent attempts to make everyone around him smile are contagious to everyone he comes across.

His Grandpa (PawPaw) is his hero and who he credits his strong work ethic and military service, after. Jake Served as a Blackhawk crew chief in the United States Army for 6 years after completion of college at THE West Virginia University.

After many smaller business ventures, Jake and a few buddies founded TopGunSealcoating over a couple beers and a few prayers. When Jake isn’t covered in sealcoat or getting a farmer’s tan, you can catch him stalking after whatever animal is in hunting season or fishing his favorite rivers for bass and trout.

Jake is accompanied on his life journey by two handsome golden retrievers (Maple and Mossy) and his beautiful wife, Kendon Jenkins.